New Feature: Edit "Template" Element from any Page

We're constantly trying to make it easier and easier to work on all elements on the page, and one of the challenges some users were having was identifying template elements and figuring out how to edit them while on a Page. To this end we've recently rolled out some major enhancement, as follows:

  1. All elements on a page now have a highlight border on them when they're moused over, including template elements. Whereas before when your mouse was over a template element it wouldn't highlight at all, now when you mouse over a template element it highlights with a dotted orange line.
  2. Template elements couldn't be clicked on before while editing a Page. Now, when you click on an element you'll see a single panel button at the top-left corner of the highlighted element, that you can click on to edit the Template. Clicking on this button versus clicking on the main "Edit Template" tab at the top of the interface also has the added benefit of pre-selecting the element for editing once the template has been loaded.

More announcements to come!

Monday, April 23, 2012

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