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Creating a Google XML Sitemap

Think of the Google XML Sitemap as your direct connection to the Google Search Engine. It is the way you can communicate with Google on what is important to you. Google will take your feedback into consideration as the pages are indexed into their search engine.

As with all other mentions in these tutorials about Search Engine Optimization, this is also of HUGE importance.

Listing all pages in the Sitemap.xml page along with the priority for each of these pages can be done via the dropdowns shown below. The importance of each page is ranked by you to tell Goolge which pages are the most important between a ranking on .10 to 1.0. As an example, the contact us page of your website may rank as a .40 whereas the Homepage or Index.html page is always ranked as a 1.0. A products or services page may be ranked as a .80 whereas a staff.html page may rank lower at .30. Following these steps will allow Google to see what is important to you on your website. In addition, it also shows ALL pages in the site for Google.

The Good News...

Handzon Website Builder generates a Google XML sitemap whenever you publish a page, build a new handzpage, change content on pages. Because of this, it is very easy to manage all of the pages and their priority settings. See below on using the controls of the Google Sitemap.xml panel.

Where is the Google Sitemap located in the App?

You can begin working on the sitemap.xml by following these simple steps:

From Login - Settings - Page Marketing - Once open, click Manage Site Menu on left (A)

Page Management Menu (B) - Manage the pages of the site and menus

Sort Pages (C) - Sort pages in the sittemap

Name Pages (D) - Manage page names etc

Set page Piority for Google (E) - This step is very important as it helps google determine the level of importance of each page on your site. Never rank any page OTHER THAN THE HOMEPAGE / INDEX.HTML as 100%. Set pages like as 30%, but Products and services as 80, 90%.

Make pages visable (F) - Show these pages to the public

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