Domain Name Setup

1 - Register your domain name if you haven't already. Go to our site and purchase a domain name if needed.

2 - Point your domain name to our servers, by specifying the following nameservers (If you get the name from us, it is pointed correctly):

3 - Submit a Support Request (ticket) which tells us what the domain name is supposed to be.

4 - Enter the full domain name as listed, including the "http://". Don't specify a page, just the domain name.

5 - Wait for us to respond to your ticket. Once your domain name information has been added to your account we'll update your ticket for you and you should see the website online. Note that it may take up to 24 hours before the domain name points to your Handzon website in your browser.


If however you would like to use another provider for email, just point the A Records to us, please got to A Record Setup

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