Google verification with meta Tag Option

Google Verification Code


1) GMAIL ACCOUNT - To get your website verified you will need to signup for a GMAIL ACCOUNT at

2) WEBMASTER TOOLS ACCOUNT - Once complete, signup for a Google Webmaster tools account. You can find the login at

3) GOOGLE VERIFICATION CODE - After you have signed up for your google Webmaster tools account, you will be required to enter in a code that is provided by Google for verification and proof of ownership of your site. (SEE IMAGE BELOW).

4) CHOOSE THE 'ADD A META TAG TO YOUR SITE'S HOMEPAGE' OPTION - Google will offer options for verification as seen below. Choose the 'Add a meta tag to your site's home page' (D) option on the image below. You will then be presented with a code (E).

5) SELECT THE CODE PROVIDED BY GOOGLE -  Select the code within the quotes (E) will look like this:


6) ENTER THE CODE PROVIDED BY GOOGLE INTO THE APPLICATION GOOGLE VERIFICATION CODE SECTION (Image 1) -  Once logged in, go to the 'Settings then to 'Page Marketing', then to 'Webmaster Tools Verification'.  Remember... only enter Uct_N4dbCJrpUZCxMg7yxWI9dt1I0Pxi7jXzR5XGg into the Google Verification section.

7) PUBLISH THE CHANGES - Once complete, click Save Changes.

8) NOW WE VERIFY WITH GOOGLE - Return to Google Webmaster Tools and verify (F) the site. Then you're done!

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