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Article Before building - Create a text file of all the page content
During the creation of our fictitious website, we created files of everything that would be on...
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Article Before building - building pages for your site
Building pages for your Sitemap And now the moment of truth! We have researched, planned our...
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Article Before building your Site
We will begin and end this tutorial on building a Sitemap with the following... For 'SEO'...
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Article Gather images for your Website
At this point you're ready to start building your website.  One of the first things that...
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Article Research Google Keywords for your industry before building your website
Google Keyword Tool This is yet another FREE service provided by Google, that will allow...
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Article Research your competitors - Do a competitive analysis
Your competition can be one of the best teachers for your business.  You can learn from their...
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Article What do you want your website to do and say?
Understanding your business model, and developing a business plan, is a great way to focus your...
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Article Writing Search Engine Optimized paragraphs
We spend a lot of time in earlier lessons discussing search engine optimized content.  The most...
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