Online Website Builder Pricing

Drag & Drop BuildingNo Programming or HTML knowledge needed! Our online website builder does everything for you right in your browser. Simply drag elements anywhere you want them on the page, and type to change text right where it appears on the screen. No other builder is easier!
Hosting IncludedEach website that you create is a real, professionally hosted site. We are sure to have a package that fits your needs and budget. With our online website builder we've removed any barrier for "normal" people to start a website!
Premium TemplatesHundreds of professionally designed templates to choose from: each come complete with a homepage design as well, and your site can have multiple templates. Customize our fantastic template designs or create your own!
Website StorageThe File Manager within our online website builder allows you to create and manage your website's folders, as well as upload your own images, MP3s or other media files.
BandwidthFrom a "Mom and Pop" business to a corporate headquarters, our service is sure to offer a package that handles the needs of your website's traffic.
Number of pagesOur online website builder enables you to instantly create a new web page and start building on it immediately. With a click of a single button, your new page becomes a REAL, published webpage that is optimized for search engines out of the gate.
PayPal ButtonsInsert "View Cart" buttons, basic products or categories with "Add to Cart" buttons onto your web page in seconds. The checkout is hosted by Paypal, so there is no order or customer management.
Wordpress BlogWith automatic integration of Wordpress, we make it easy to add high quality content to your site. And our website template editor means you can have your own custom Wordpress theme without having to pay a designer!
Pro Online SupportOur support staff is there for you when you need them, to help answer your questions or to get you out of a jam. We also have professional designers and programmers on hand for tasks that you don't have time to do yourself.
HTML EditorUse this when building your website to paste in code snippets from 3rd party providers, such as Facebook or Google Gadgets.
Google SEOYour search engine marketing efforts start with a page automatically optimized with our online website builder, but for true success you need to do more. Integrate the advanced tools from Google's Analytics and Webmaster Tools to maximize your exposure on Google.
Live Support ChatOur support staff is available during regular business hours to talk you through a problem, and you can contact them right from within your website!
Use your own domainEvery website you create with us is automatically accessible online using our subdomains. You can remove our domain name from your website's address by adding your own purchased domain name to your account.
"Members Only" PagesReal-deal, fully secured pages with customer login screens. Create and manage unlimited Logins and Usergroups. Page permissions are assigned by the Usergroup, making it a cinch to grant and revoke access to Users!
Mobile Browser SupportIt's official: there are now more mobile devices than there are desktop computers! This means that over half of your website visitors are doing so on screen resolutions far lower than your 17-inch monitor. Our templates and pages automatically collapse and scale to support multiple screen resolutions, maximizing your communication potential!
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Free Domain NameHave a domain name, on us! Pick any package where this feature is "checked" and pay no additional fees for your own custom domain name during the creation of your website.
Email AddressNothing says "professional" like an email address with your company's website in it. Add an email address to your website and communicate online with your website visitors.
Brand SupportedOur FREE online website builder package is made possible by a visible banner placed on the bottom of your page which tells your website's visitors what website builder you chose to start your website with.

Pricing FAQs

Are there contracts?

There are no contracts on Monthly plans. We are able to offer extended saving through Yearly commitments.

Can I cancel a subscription?

Any subscription plan can be cancelled at any time. There are no refunds for paid subscriptions. We do however, apply leftover subscription time to new signups etc., for up to 1 Year.

Can I upgrade, downgrade my subscription?

You can downgrade or upgrade plans at any time. Leftover balances are moved forward as time credit.

Is Hosting included?

Yes, with all accounts.

Can I use my own domain name?

You can use your own domain name or purchase a new one from the Domain name Registration page. To point your own name settings, go to the Tutorial under domain names.

Can I get POP email accounts?

Email is offered as a service for $1.50 per email account monthly, and can be added once you have a domain name pointed to your site as

Is there a free option?

Yes we do!

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